Water Heater Replacement in La Jolla, CA

Don’t let cold water dampen your day. The expert team at Erling Rohde Plumbing in La Jolla, CA can have your hot water restored in no time. Whether you need repairs to an existing water heater or installation of a new or warranty replacement, we are available to service all your hot water needs. Call us any time your hot water goes out. We will send a technician right away to assess your system and make repairs or give you options for a replacement heater

New Water Heater Installation

Most water heaters have a 6- to 10-year lifespan. If your water heater is becoming unreliable, it may be time for a replacement. Buying a new water heater may be more cost effective than paying for constant repairs. The skilled technicians at Erling Rohde Plumbing provide professional water heater installation for replacements.

Types of Water Heaters

Choosing a new water heater can be a daunting task. Erling Rohde Plumbing is always available to answer any questions you have and walk with you through your many options. There are unique benefits to each choice, and we will assist you in making the decision that best fits your needs and your budget.

Conventional Water Heater

A conventional water heater can use either electric or gas energy to heat water that is stored in a tank until you need it. Heated water is available as soon as you turn on your tap. Because of the way they store water, conventional water heaters continually use energy to reheat water as it cools in the tank. Newer, high-efficiency models are available and can decrease the amount you spend on your water heating bill by seven percent. Conventional water heaters have an average lifespan of 10 years. They come in a variety of tank sizes. The size you purchase will depend on your family’s size and water usage. A 40-50 gallon unit works well for a family of four. Smaller and larger units are also available.

Tankless Water Heater

For a more energy efficient alternative, tankless water heaters can reduce your water heating bill up to 60 percent. This type of water heater does not store heated water and doesn’t start working until you turn on the tap. Because of this, it may take longer for the hot water to reach you, but once it does, you have an unlimited supply, unlike with the conventional tank system. These units take up less space than a conventional water heater, but could cost more upfront for alterations to your current setup including larger gas line requirements, ventilation additions or electrical updates. Your new tankless water heater should last 10-15 years.